Computational nanoscale design of advanced lithium iron phosphate battery cathodes

Advanced energy storage materials are essential to the continued economic prosperity of our society, as we move towards the electrification of the transportation industry and the further development of our renewable energy resources. Accelerating the pace of discovery and development in advanced energy storage materials will therefore be vital to maintaining economic competitiveness in the twenty-first century. These interships will help train students in the development of an urgently needed economic engine for rapid materials innovation through the combined computational design, synthesis, and characterization of novel energy storage materials. The discovery and synthesis of new lithium-ion iron phosphate based battery materials will be facilitated by combining materials modeling at McGill University with the empirical investigation of battery materials at Hydro-Quebec. Through this synergistic approach these Mitacs interships will fuel the Canadian driven discovery, development, manufacturing, and deployment of advanced lithium-ion battery materials (with high energy density and fast charging) at least twice as fast as possible today, at a fraction….

Faculty Supervisor:

Kirk Bevan


Zimin Feng


Institut de recherche d’Hydro‐Québec


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Alternative energy


McGill University



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