Computational Pipeline Monitoring leak detection on multiphase fluid pipelines

Multiphase flow represents a significant portion of the products transported in Canadian pipelines. Each of the many phases in a multiphase flow has its own unique characteristics, all of which will contribute to an added layer of complexity in the detection and subsequent localization of a leak. Current technology that compares pressure variations to identify a leak is unreliable for leaks that are less than 1% of the flow volume [1]. Considering a multiphase pipeline that has a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day, a 1% leak of 3000 barrels per day can still have a disastrous impact, especially if not immediately detected. Such failures can cause harm to the safety of people, become an economic burden for companies, and create damages to public perception. The outcome of this project will fill in the gap in leak detection software and techniques to address the difficulties associated with multiphase leak detection.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ron Hugo;Simon Park


Christopher John MacDonald


Pipewise Technology


Engineering - mechanical



University of Calgary



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