Computer-assisted cardiac disease diagnosis system

With the advances of medical imaging, cardiac images have posed great challenges in processing and analysis due to the large amount of data generated. Dynamic Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images, also referred to as 4D (3D+time) imaging, for example, have great capacity for screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases. However, the tools to handle the image files are insufficient to best use the time of specialists such as radiologists and cardiologists. Patient scanning using gated cardiac MRI or CT sequences, for example, recorded from a complete cardiac cycle, contain 1500-5000 two dimensional images. Manual processing and analysis of this large number of images is extremely time consuming. Therefore, development of an intelligent system to facilitate diagnosis and clinical monitoring will greatly increase their productivity and could save lives during an emergency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ali Islam


Xiantong Zhen/TBD


University Health Network - Toronto Rehabilitation Institute


Physics / Astronomy


Medical devices


Western University



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