Computer Lenses and Sex Influence on Shoulder-Neck Discomfort and Musculoskeletal Mechanisms in University Students Identifying as Laptop Users

Adults exposed to screens for prolonged periods of time have complained of shoulder-neck discomfort. Ergonomic solutions can help prevent the development of computer work-related pains later on in life as young adults move on to careers in an office or administrative setting. Many computer users have also expressed eye strain. As a response, ergonomic computer lenses have been brought forward, said to make viewing a computer screen easier on the eyes. Mechanistic links between eye strain and neck discomfort have been suggested; however, existing studies lack sophisticated methods of postural and electromyographical analysis, and have not compared effects on males vs females. The goal of this research project is therefore to evaluate the effects of computer lenses on shoulder-neck discomfort, and postural alignment, during a 90 minute computer typing task among young adults of the university setting. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Julie Cote


Genevieve Gill


Visions of Canada




Medical devices




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