Concentration and Exposure to Short-Lived Seasonal Air Pollutants in Londrina, Brazil

Cycling is a mode of transportation that is increasing in popularity in Brazil. Within a city, there are many different complexities due to geography and design that can lead to the accumulation of air pollution in certain areas. Cyclists, being so close to cars, are more susceptible to breathing in air with higher concentrations of air pollutants. This study aims to quantify air pollution concentrations and identify hot spots within the city of Londrina. Air quality instrumentation and GPS will be attached to bicycles for continuous air quality measurements. The results will be mapped and analyzed to determine air pollution within Londrina. In particular, measurements of black carbon, reactive trace gases, and airborne particulate matter will be made.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Gibson


Ellen Patrick



Engineering - civil



Dalhousie University


Globalink Research Award

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