Conceptual Design of New Nuclear Waste Container

Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHP-FRC) material, can be considered a promising way to innovate in the management of Low and intermediate level radioactive waste (LILW) storing industry. UHP-FRC exhibits exceptional mechanical, serviceability, and durability characteristics in comparison to its traditional concrete counterparts. The current proposal focuses on the use of UHP-FRC in a new design of high integrity nuclear waste containers considering drop-impact and fire effects. The conceptual design of waste container will be performed using ABAQUS software. The drop-impact will be performed based on realistic drop heights and orientations of the storage facility and its handling systems provided by Master Peers. Complete material behaviour of UHP-FRC is considered in order to take the advantage of enhanced post-peak capacity. Thereafter, the final design of the container will be optimized under fire effect.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hesham Marzouk


Hesham Othman


Master Peers Ltd


Engineering - civil


Advanced manufacturing




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