Concrete Slab-On-Grade Analysis for Slab-Mounted Jib Cranes

Various industries and warehouse operations often need free-standing jib cranes to be installed on the floor. Industrial floors typically consist of unreinforced or very lightly reinforced concrete slabs poured directly on the ground which may not have sufficient strength to support the crane. Improper design may result in severe cracking which raises concrete durability issues or catastrophic collapse which could endanger lives. The project will develop a design software to assist engineers design slab-mounted jib cranes based on an in depth theoretical and numerical study of concrete slab behaviour. This project will help broaden the portfolio and profitability of crane and material handling system manufacturers as well as help a large number of industries that require the use of slab-mounted jib cranes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eugene Kim


Kington Chu


Engineered Lifting Systems


Engineering - civil




University of Waterloo



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