Condition assessment of infrastructure facilities using combined image processing and sensing technologies

As Canada’s infrastructure grow older every year, the inspection and maintenance of these capital intensive assets becomes more challenging. Most deterioration mechanism occur over a long period of time. Certain defects remain unnoticed during regular inspection until it is too late. Unfortunately, delayed diagnosis of defects can significantly increase the annual cost of maintenance.
Inspectors and maintenance managers demand innovative methods that help them identify and quantify deficiencies earlier, and more accurately. This R&D project proposes an innovative condition assessment of infrastructure facilities without direct interaction of labour in a timely and cost-effective manner. A combined approach of sensing technology and image processing is proposed to 3D-map the condition of a structure over time. To do so, highly accurate sensors and transducers are installed along the structural members under inspection to monitor the internal changes. The sensing results are combined with the map of surface changes. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Noel


Seyedrohollah Ettehadi


FPrimeC Solutions Inc


Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies




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