Conductive nanocomposite Leak Detection System (LDS) for oil pipeline applications

Transportation of the oil and gas through pipelines network remains a crucial infrastructure for sustaining the economic growth of Canada. A major concern has been the frequent incidents of oil spills which can cause catastrophic failures if remained undetected. Despite a plethora of Leak Detection Systems being used with state-of-the-art technologies, these monitoring systems can only detect a small fraction of oil spills. The main objective of this project is therefore to manufacture an electrically conductive polymer based leak detection system that can overcome the shortcomings of the existing ones by possessing high reliability and sensitivity to crude oil while being cost effective and manufacturable. This project will benefit the company as adding leakage sensing technology integrated with current oil-pipeline technologies can allow the elimination of expensive oil Leak Detection Systems. The cost-savings can also be realized with the quick detection, high sensitivity, and fast response in potential oil-leakage failures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hani Naguib


Nazanin Khalili




Engineering - mechanical


Oil and gas




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