Conserving the buzz: An interdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach to pollinator conservation in Ontario, Canada

Southern Ontario is one of the most critical regions in Canada in terms of wildlife-human conflict. It has one of the highest proportions of species at-risk but also dense human population and agricultural productivity. This project proposes to research whether habitat for at-risk pollinators can be adequately incorporated onto private farmland using methods from natural and social sciences. In addition, it seeks to determine whether farmers experience a perceived and/or actual financial benefit from this habitat in the form of increased ecosystem services (e.g. pollination, pest control, water conservation). By working with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, we will be working to create long term suitable habitat using wildlife corridors for endangered and economically important pollinators in areas they historically occupied through community-based management with local landowners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sheila Colla


Rachel Nalepa


Nature Conservancy Canada


Environmental sciences


Management of companies and enterprises


York University



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