Consumer dynamics and market strategy for the mobile game, Clandestine Anomaly

In partnership with Zenfri Inc, this project seeks to facilitate the successful introduction of a mobile game called Clandestine Anomaly to the mobile game market. Due to the embryonic stage of the mobile game market this research will use primary and secondary research methods to create a market analysis and inform the market strategy. Firstly, this research will provide an understanding of the business environment by analyzing successful products and their marketing strategies along with industry trends and characteristics. Secondly, this research seeks to understand the psychological needs, goals and motivations of their potential market of consumers and thus, how to create perceived value. Third, this research will integrate the unique strengths and weaknesses of Zenfri inc. into an appropriate strategy based on the insights of the primary and secondary research. The result will be an informed market position that is consistent with the value proposition, marketing messages and product design.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fang Wan & Zhenyu Wu


Raymond V. Lavoie


Zenfri Inc.




Digital media


University of Manitoba



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