Consumption of Luxury Brands at wedding functions of Punjabi Jat Sikh Community in India: A Study of Consumer Aspirations

The objective of this research is to understand the concept of consumer aspirations in terms of its life cycle, formation and manifestation during rites of passage events such as weddings in a particular culture. The focus is mainly on social class mobility based on consumer aspirations and on the process of transfer of these aspirations from one person to another [or from one family to another] in the context of social class. The research also highlights the sources of aspirations for luxury brands and various alternatives. The context in this case is consumption of luxury brands during wedding functions of the Punjabi Jat Sikh community in India. This research will have theoretical
as well as practical implications. The research will help me flesh out in detail the concept of consumer aspirations among the upper class Jats in India [in the context of weddings] and compare and contrast this with aspirations of lower economic classes within the same community. In terms of practical implications, the research will enable brand managers to obtain a culture specific understanding of consumer aspirations which could be leveraged further to position their brands appropriately given their strategy for expansion in the Indian context.

Faculty Supervisor:

Annamma Joy


Rishi Bhardwaj








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