Consumption of patchy prey by commercially-valuable wildlife species to identify potential tourism hotspots; coupled humans-salmon-bear systems of coastal British Columbia

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation pursues conservation initiatives in coastal British Columbia through science, outreach, and sustainable economies, such as ecotourism informed by local knowledge and ecology. The success of wildlife viewing ecotourism greatly depends on knowing areas and time periods predictably ·used by target species. The goal of the proposed research is to inform initiatives of Raincoast and its ecotourism partners (e.g. Spirit Bear Lodge, Wuikinuxv First Nation, Nimmo Bay Resort) by research on commercially-valuable wildlife. We will monitor places and times where black and grizzly bears eat salmon; identifying critical habitat. This information will let ecotourism operators focus their efforts and expenses on predictably high bear-use locations, which in turn supports conservation-based economies. The Accelerate intern will offer Raincoast staff increased capacity through wildlife technician training and engagement with coastal communities and businesses.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chris Darimont


Megan Adams


Raincoast Conservation Foundation


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry


University of Victoria



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