Content Delivery Networks to the Home

CONTENT Delivery Networks (CDNs) are large distributed infrastructures of replica servers placed in strategic locations. They deliver content to end-users with reduced latency by replicating content on surrogate servers. However they face a major challenge when content is delivered to end-users accessing a same content in home settings: inefficient bandwidth usage in the access network. There are as many streams from the replica server as end-users accessing the same content. It should be noted that although multicast is implemented on most routers, Internet Service Providers (ISP) generally do not enable multicast on their network. The ley reason is that RTP on multicast did not provide an attractive platform for delivery multimedia over the Internet for a host of reasons. This project aims at tackling the problem of inefficiency in bandwidth usage. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Roch Glitho


Shreya Biswas


Ericsson Canada




Information and communications technologies




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