Control of grid-connected converters for electric vehicle distributed generation application

A hi-directional converter is proposed to implement the integration of electric vehicle to the grid and household electric system. The proposed converter has two stages: a grid-connected convener. and a dc/de converter. The grid-connected converter can operate in three modes. The first of which is a battery charger. The grid-connected wi II control the power factor to unity and regulate the de bus voltage and control the input current harmonics to be low. The second mode is vehicle-lo-grid mode: the converter operates as the distributed generator inverter to feed real power back to the grid. The
third mode is vehi cle-to-home: the converter serves as a UPS to supply critica l10ads at home when the grid has failure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Guangjun Liu


Anil Yaramasu


Hydro One Networks


Aerospace studies




Ryerson University



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