Controlled Passive Energy Management in Prosthetic Foot Components: Cosmetic Cover Design and Performance during Simulated Gait

There is a need for higher functioning prosthetic components available at a lower cost. The Niagara Foot™ is a low cost, high function energy return prosthetic device targeted towards developing regions. The system is comprised of keel and cover components developed through partnership of Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics International (NPOI) and Queen’s University. A new collaboration being established with the National Research Center for Rehabilitation Technical Aids (NRRA), Beijing China, aims to develop a fabrication method for the foot system. A new cover design incorporating required aesthetics and function will be developed to increase the foot system’s availability to the Chinese population. The project objectives include developing the new cover, and doing mechanical testing determining its durability and effects on keel performance. This project contributes to the development of lower cost prosthetic components, and informs prosthetic foot designers and clinicians on the cosmetic cover’s capabilities of altering keel performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tim Bryant


Sydney Low



Engineering - mechanical



Queen's University


Globalink Research Award

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