Controls on diagenetic evolution in Tithonian Jeanne d’Arc Formation, Terra Nova field: Implications for reservoir quality evolution

Hydrocarbons are hosted in porous sedimentary rocks which were deposited several million years prior to the ingress of hydrocarbons. Once these sedimentary rocks are deposited, other physical, chemical and biological, all termed diagenetic, processes act to modify their original properties. A major product of this diagenesis is cementation. The cement (minerals) occludes (plugs) the pore spaces in the sedimentary rock thus, in general, reducing its capacity to host hydrocarbons. This project, among others will seek to understand the types of cement and their origin in Terra Nova field. It will also attempt to predict their spatial distribution in the rock. The project is thought to be important because the cements sometimes ‘compartmentalize’ hydrocarbon volumes and pressure systems in the rock, which can have negative impact on hydrocarbon exploration and production. Such impact may or may not be significant depending on other factors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Karem Azmy


Babatunde John Olanipekun


Husky Oil Operations Ltd.


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Oil and gas


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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