Controls on Sediment Production from Forest Roads in the Honna Watershed

Forest roads can contribute significant amounts of sediment to nearby streams with subsequent impacts on aquatic ecology and water quality (including drinking water quality). This project will determine the triggers for sediment generation from forest roads in the Honna Watershed through controlled experiments using a large and small scale rainfall simulator and continuous turbidity monitoring. During the internship the main roads and streams within the Honna Watershed will be surveyed under different conditions to determine the connectivity between the road and the river in order to locate where sediment enters the river directly, and to map the sections of road that produce the most sediment. Twenty-four large scale rainfall simulation experiments will be conducted. The large-scale rainfall simulation experiments will be augmented by a number of smaller scale experiments to determine the variability in sediment production from the roads. The methods developed and results produced from this proposal will be used in other regions of BC. Turbidity monitoring will continue after the end date of the internship until winter 2010. The study will strive to provide practical solutions for Island Timberlands, the Village of Queen Charlotte and BCTS to improve management of forest roads and water quality.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ilja Tromp-van Meerveld


Elizabeth Baird


Island Timberlands


Geography / Geology / Earth science




Simon Fraser University



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