Controls on the formation and geometry of veins and vein arrays at the Tiriganiaq gold deposit, Meliadine project, Nunavut

The Tiriganiaq gold mine is the property of Agnico Eagle Mines ltd. and it represents the first active mining operation in the Meliadine district, Nunavut. This underground mine is hosted by metamorphosed sedimentary and volcanic rocks of the Canadian shield and the geometry of the mineralized zones and related veins differ from the one of most gold deposits hosted by metamorphic rocks. Mining of a complex deposit in such an isolated arctic environment necessitates a good comprehension of ore zone geometry in order to optimise grade control and develop exploration models. The objective of the project is to develop a model for vein formation that explains the finite vein geometry, gold distribution and the overall geological context of the Tiriganiaq deposit, in order to define ore zone geometry at the local scale, but also to predict auriferous vein distribution.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stéphane de Souza;Patrick Mercier-Langevin


Jérémie Langlois


Agnico Eagle Mines Limited


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Mining and quarrying




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