Cooperative economy in the era of collaborative economy platforms

This project’s overarching goal is to spur cooperative enterprises to move into the collaborative economy. Even though the “collaborative economy” shares many values with cooperative enterprises, too few of them have entered the pace in Quebec and Canada, but also globally. This paradox puzzles Quebec’s cooperation and mutuality council (CQCM). They want to reverse this trend and help old and new cooperative companies to offer services linked to the collaborative economy platforms. In order to do so, the CQCM want to know why there is such a paradox, and how to act upon it. The CQCM need academic expertise to collect solid evidence and requested help from Polytechnique Montreal to help them with their reflections.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcelin Joanis


Laurent-David Beaulieu


Conseil Québecois de la coopération et de la mutualité




Information and communications technologies




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