Corrosion protective coatings with high sound absorbing and thermal insulation capacity for oil and gas pipelines

In the first phase of this project, we will explore and optimize the application of commercially available hollow particles to increase the sound absorption properties of polyisobutylene-based corrosion protective coatings manufactured by Canusa-CPS. In the second phase, we will use a blending strategy in which we mix a base polymer of the coating with a partially miscible polymer with significantly different damping properties such as polyisoprene to enhance the sound absorption properties of the coating. In the final phase, we will focus on increasing the heat insulation properties and controlling the surface temperature of the coating by the inclusion of fillers with low thermal conductivity and phase-change capability. The results will be beneficial to Canusa-CPS for the development of corrosion protective coatings with high sound absorption and heat insulation capacities. The proposed research will create unique opportunities for the intern by exposing him to real-world technical and industrial challenges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hamed Shahsavan


Rasool Nasseri Pourtakalo


SFL Canusa Canada Ltd.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo


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