Cost, Energy and Hygrothermal Performance Optimization of Building Envelope Systems for Net-Zero-Ready Buildings

This research will help Innovation Building Group to optomize design details for proposed net-zero energy buildings in Golden, BC. The focus of the research is on comparing the costs of envelope design details with the expected energy savings. This will allow the most economical decisions to be made, which will mean that the best building can be built for the budget. We will accomplish this by creating an energy model of the base building. Details will be changed one by one, and the resulting change in total energy use can be attributed to the design detail. An example of a research goal is to determine the type and thickness of insulation in the walls which will deliver the largest net benefit. The research will also include examining the durability of the recommendations, and the recommended wall systems will be tested for moisture performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fitsum Tariku


Byron Enns


Innovation Building Group Inc


Environmental sciences


Alternative energy


British Columbia Institute of Technology



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