Costs Associated with Ensuring Accessibility, and Ideal Models for Aging-in-place


. The general aging of Canada’s population drives a need for accessible housing strategies in British Columbia. This need is especially imperative in the social housing sector. Technicalities concerning accessible housing design are well researched (e.g., ideal ramp design, hallway width, and wheelchair turning radii). However, less information is available on the costs associated with incorporating varying degrees of accessible and aging-in-place features into the home. This project will provide CMHC and BC Housing with costing information as well as an optimal model of how social housing units can adapt to the needs of variety of household types over time. In addition, occupants of social housing units already equipped with accessible and aging-in-place features will be surveyed about their sense of place – an important attitude that can help BC Housing and CMHC to understand how residents feel when accessible and aging-in-place design principles have been accounted for.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Robert Gifford


Lindsay McCunn


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation And BC Housing




Construction and infrastructure


University of Victoria



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