Coupling of DTI Imaging and Focused Ultrasound: Assessment of Targeting Accuracy and Effect of Treatment

As a novel solution for the treatment of common paediatric neurological diseases, this project aligns with goals of the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation of promoting surgical innovation and improving patient care. Philips Healthcare Canada has a proven track record of research and development in the healthcare industry and is able to provide research facilities and expert supervision in diffusion MR imaging and focused ultrasound treatment. The goal of this project is to develop a software toolbox and treatment protocol for use with Philips MRI and FUS systems. The clinical application and demand for a new treatment of this kind is extraordinary. It will boost the market and value of Philips hardware worldwide as surgical facilities search for innovative and superior treatments for their patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mojgan Hodaie


Matthew Walker


Philips Healthcare




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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