COVID-19 and resiliency: How Registered Practical Nurses working in long-term care adapt in times of personal, professional, and institutional crisis

Working in partnership, interdisciplinary professionals and the Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) Association of Ontario (WeRPN) aim to understand what contributes to and detracts from personal, professional and institutional resiliency for RPNs during COVID-19. This is a rare opportunity to learn from front-line workers directly during historical social periods, such as COVID-19, and even less often does the public become acutely aware of the residents’ social inequities within the long-term care (LTC) sector and the indispensable nature of the largest regulated LTC workforce. This partnership will research ongoing first-hand experiences of RPNs as a training project for Canadian students. This information will inform institution-level policy and practices to address the systemic challenges that have plagued the sector for years, offer solutions from invaluable front-line RPNs, and will be accessible to researchers and public audiences, globally

Faculty Supervisor:

Denise Connelly


Cecilia Flores Sandoval




Physics / Astronomy




Western University



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