COVID-19: Assessing Non-Profit Resilience in the Context of COVID19

This research project will seek to explain differences among non-profit organizations in terms of their resilience to the crisis generated by the COVID 19 pandemic. By studying 10 firms that have exhibited strong resilience and then 10 similar firms that have struggled, we will seek to better understand what might account for stronger resilience in the face of this crisis. We will pay particular attention to what may have been inhibiting non-profits from building resilient capacity. The research will result in a practitioner-oriented report, theoretical framework, teaching case, and academic articles. We expect that this research will have immediate applicability for non-profits going through the COVID 19 crisis currently and help to build more resilient capacity to better prepare for future crises.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brent McKnight;Sandra Lapointe


Julie Gouweloos


Social Impact Advisors




Professional, scientific and technical services


McMaster University



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