COVID-19: Indoor light-activated, self-cleaning surfaces for continuous decontamination of air in HVAC systems

The risk of airborne disease transmission is high for essential workers even while wearing PPE. Since SARS-CoV-2 can remain airborne after a sneeze or cough for several hours, ideally, there would be effective methods to remove these infectious particles directly from the air. In this work, we develop a membrane-based technology capable of serving the two-in-one function of dehumidification and decontamination of the indoor air, which can be coupled to room A/C systems. This will be achieved using nanomaterial-based membranes which incorporate a light activated antiviral coating expected to kill viruses and other microbes as they pass through the system Through development of these coatings and demonstrating their applicability and efficacy, Evercloak will significantly benefit. Access to scientific expertise, high-technical human capital, and access to a well-established lab facility at the University of Waterloo will accelerate development and fuel innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Pope;Xiaowu Shirley Tang


Sanjay Gopaldas Chaudhri




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Waterloo



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