COVID19 tools to enable contact free advanced microscopy, remote training and technical support while maintaining physical distancing

After complete shutdown, gradual return of research productivity needs to be maximized while still maintaining safe working conditions and minimizing the potential for transmission of the coronavirus. The gold standard of advanced microscopy is to provide access to key infrastructure which should also include advanced research support from microscopy specialists. In order to use the infrastructure to its full potential, researchers require in- depth ongoing support from expert microscopy specialists. This type of research support is impossible to offer with the current COVID-19 physical distancing limitations. The project aims to develop human-machine interactive tools for voice control contact free microscopy, Augmented Reality (AR) tools for audio/video communication between users and microscopy specialists for remote research support and an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to continuously harness the best available resources online.

Faculty Supervisor:

Claire Brown;Jérôme Waldispühl


Barbara Da Rocha


BMU Labs




Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University


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