Cracking Characteristics of Structural Members made with Durable SCC Mixtures containing Local Materials

This proposed study is a part of a comprehensive investigation to evaluate the corrosion performance in SCC concrete structure. The full project is carried out based on the development of new SCC mixtures containing concrete materials available in Newfoundland and an investigation on the cracking behavior of full-scale SCC structure members. The main purpose of the first stage is to develop a high performance low permeability SCC using a new, inexpensive SCM that is already available in Newfoundland. The new developed SCC mixtures will be tested for fresh and hardened properties prior to acceptance. The main objective of the second stage is to investigate the crack patterns and widths of full-scale reinforced concrete slabs made with SCC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Amgad Hussein


Hossameldeen Bakr


Capital Ready Mix Ltd.




Construction and infrastructure


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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