Creating a New Standard for Vision Loss Rehabilitation in Canada

Approximately nine million Canadians live with vision loss that, even when wearing corrective lenses, impedes their ability to perform everyday tasks. Canadians with vision loss are at greater risk of social isolation and reduced community participation. Vision loss rehabilitation (VLR) is a multi-disciplinary service that includes orientation and mobility training, independent living skills and low vision technology. These services are effective for improving the lives of people with vision loss. However, these services are varied and lack coordination in Canada. The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) has been active in changing VLR services and has established Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada. CNIB has set an ambitious goal of fully integrating VLR into the health care system. This research will contribute to this goal by first providing a clear understanding of how and where vision loss rehabilitation services are provided and the factors influencing the provision of services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dorothy Kessler


Yaser Alnasery


Canadian National Institute for the Blind




Medical devices




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