Creating an integrated data management platform for food banks to address poverty

The City of Saint John has been facing the generational poverty challenge for decades. The poverty rate in this city is 19.7%, which is more than five percent higher than the average rate of the province (14.5%) and the country (14.4%) [1]. Having access to real-time data of low-income families and people suffering from poverty has also become an issue for government at the local, provincial, and national level. Food banks as one of the best sources to have access to disadvantaged individuals are substantial sources of data to understand and identify challenges of low-income families. This research aims to conduct a research study to explore the characteristics and required features of a real-time database, thereby creating a comprehensive platform for food banks to collect data, to create connections between key stakeholders, academics, policy makers as well as to identify target groups’ challenges.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hadi Eslaminosratabadi


Milad Pirayegar Emrouzeh


Smart Food Security Inc.




Life sciences




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