Creating personality based coaching manuals to manage leader Counterproductive Work Behaviours and improve leadership interpersonal competencies

Counterproductive Work Behaviours (CWB) refer to negative behaviours in the workplace that hinder organizational effectiveness. CWB ranges from violence and harassment to stealing and drug consumption on the job. Despite its importance and prevalence, little attention has been paid to leader CWB, as the focus has been mainly on employee CWB. Leader CWB, could be largely attributed to negative aspects of individuals’ personality. Therefore, the first objective is to discover what types of personality based CWB are more prevalent in leaders. Also, given the lack of practical guidelines in the literature on how to manage and diminish CWB in leaders, the second objective is to create coaching manuals for organizational consultants that let them identify CWB patterns in leaders and help leaders overcome their negative behaviours in their workplace. This project is in line with the partner organization’s mission of translating knowledge to practical management guidelines for consultants and leaders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Kwantes


Amirreza Talaei


Expert Insights International Inc




Finance, insurance and business


University of Windsor



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