Creating Safer Cities for Salmon: A case study of how Indigenous, Federal, Provincial, and Municipal policies align with standards and objectives of the Salmon-Safe eco-certification in Vancouver, BC

This proposed research project will undertake a review of Indigenous, federal, provincial and local government policy in order to identify areas of alignment with Salmon-Safe BC’s Urban Standards and overall program goals. The Salmon-Safe Standards are designed to help mitigate the impacts of urban development to watersheds through the application of five core standards and two context-specific standards at the site level. Currently, little is known how an eco-certification specific to salmon habitat and watershed protection aligns with governmental policy. Gaining a deeper understanding of alignment between Salmon-Safe eco-certification standards for urban site development and the standards and regulations set by government policy, could allow for more efficient use of resources and expertise to promote better building compliance and protect salmon in BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zafar Adeel


Andrea McDonald


Fraser Basin Council


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


Simon Fraser University



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