Creating shared value with communities in the early Mine life-cycle: The case of Erdene Resource Development Corporation in Mongolia

There is a significant body of research on Corporate Social Responsibility in the mining sector. However, little empirical data exists about what works well across stages of the mine life cycle, particularly during early exploration. This research explores how mining companies could maximize the benefits of resource extraction for host nations and participating communities by: (1) applying the concept of “creating shared value” to consider how mining companies can address social problems that intersect with business goals and operations, and (2) integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into business strategies.
The project involves a longitudinal single case study of a Canadian mining company operating in Mongolia, and employs a mixed method approach comprising of media analysis, interviews and observational research. Canada is one of the top foreign investors in Mongolia, and Mongolia is a priority country for Canada’s international assistance program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nadja Kunz


Bulgan Batdorj


Erdene Resource Development Corp




Mining and quarrying




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