Creation of Industrial Engineering strategies for Intelligent Manufacturing Cells

The goal of the project will be to further refine and enhance P&WC’s (Pratt & Whitney Canada) near and long term Industrial Engineering strategies with respect to development and deployment of Intelligent Manufacturing Cells. Firstly, an understanding of current P&WC Intelligent Manufacturing Cell Projects in parallel with surveying leading Industrial Engineering (IE) research and application development for integration of similar cells within best-in-class mechanical manufacturing industries will be developed. Secondly, the work will endeavor to define the scope of current and future cell integration requirements, technology gaps, and opportunities with a view to supporting the establishment of a domestic research and development infrastructure to support and promote the deployment of Intelligent Manufacturing Cell solutions within the Canadian supply chain. Finally, the student will assist P&WC in developing a vision for the advancement of Intelligent Manufacturing Cells including a technology portfolio for research and development of innovative new IE strategies, as well
as developing the Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) required to support the emergence of these technologies within Industry

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Pierre Kenne


Annie Francie Kouedeu


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical






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