Creative BC: Strategic Design Process Research and Plan Development

Creative BC is an independent provincial agency tasked with overseeing the development and promotion of B.C.’s creative industries. In addition to administering tax credits and providing production support for filmmakers and television producers, it intends to work with the digital media, music and publishing industries to co-develop and implement a strategy for the creative sector. To fulfill its new mandate under the provincial B.C. Creative Futures plan, Creative BC is engaging an Interdisiplinary Graduate Studies student (ISGP) researcher who will lead a research, design and experimental process to craft an innovation-centered growth plan for the cultural and creative industries in British Columbia. Their goal is to build an innovative and sustainable creative sector that results in local pride and global attention. With an effective strategy they will be able to recruit and retain top creative thinkers and leaders and ultimately influence public policy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Moura Quayle


Creative BC: Strategic Design Process Research and Plan Development


Momentum Consulting Group




Digital media


University of British Columbia



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