Cretaceous Shallow Unconventional Shale Gas (SUSG), southwestern Manitoba


Shale gas plays are becoming progressively more important in the energy market as gas production from these reservoirs is increasing. With the advances in exploitation technology gas production from shale has become more viable and economic. Based on previous studies southwestern Manitoba can be a good candidate for extracting gas from shale formations at shallow depth. However there is need for more studies in order to find the most productive shaly layers in the area and to design the proper techniques for gas extraction. Researches on this area, as a shallow shale gas potential, have been recently started. What has been done so far mostly includes surficial studies. All the subsurface information should also be investigated in order to make legitimate judgment of the shale gas potential in this area. This research integrates core, log and other subsurface data to provide a link between the surface and subsurface where the gas reservoir really exists. Also, it will aid in the evaluation of the  shale gas potential. The results will guide to the better estimate of the gas resource size.

Faculty Supervisor:

Per Kent Pedersen


Somayeh Hosseininejad Mohebati


Manitoba Hydro


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of Calgary



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