CRIAQ MANU-404 : Additive Manufacturing

Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited and Pratt & Whitney Canada have all initiated projects on Additive Manufacturing processes. Although applications are different, all companies are facing the same challenges including the lack of a mature certification path and a mature Canadian supply chain. In order to accelerate the maturation of this technology, we are proposing the first Canadian industryled R&D program on additive manufacturing (AM). The end goal of the research project would be to reach to reach Technology and Manufacturing Readiness Level 3 on selected parts for primary and secondary aircraft/helicopter structures as well as aircraft engines and pave the way for usage in the production of parts for repair, retrofit or new products development. The expected benefits are: CO2 emissions reduction via weight reduction and cost reduction through part assemblies’ integration, lead time reduction, reduced buy-to-fly ratio, reduced inventory and optimized batch size.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sylvain Turenne, Carl Blais & Mathieu Brochu


Ali Aidibe, Guy Daniel Dutel, Marjan Molavi-Zarandi & Javier Arreguin Zavala


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


Université Laval



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