Cross-sector partnerships for implementing sustainable community plans: comparison between a Canadian city and international communities to determine drivers for partners to remain in the partnerships

The project involves the identification of a Canadian community to be compared with Barcelona (Spain), Bristol (UK) and other two international communities, all experienced cities on sustainability with more than 100 partners including businesses, NGOs, academia and the public sector. The Canadian community must comply with certain criteria to make findings comparable with the international communities. The information to be collected is about the drivers for the partners to join and remain in a partnership for sustainability, a key for policy makers and practitioners in the design of sustainability plans and partnerships for reaching sustainability goals. ICLEI Canada will benefit from this research by having access to information from four highly recognized communities and by comparing them to one of its members as a benchmark for the improvement of their sustainability initiatives. Furthermore, the findings will be generalizable information that will help improve their products and services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amelia Clarke


Eduardo Ordonez


ICLEI Canada


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Waterloo


Canadian Science Policy Fellowship

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