CryoDrive: The effects that implementation of cryogenic engines would have on underground mining processes

Cryogenic engines, such as the Dearman engine, produce work and substantial cooling with zero emissions at the point of use, due to their liquid nitrogen ?fuel? supply. Background work has shown that technically, (power, turn down ratio, responsiveness, torque), there are few identifiable factors that would prevent this type of engine from being very effective if installed in underground mining vehicles. For the mines, one important logistical difference implied in a switch to cryogenic engines is that liquid nitrogen would need to be distributed underground, rather than diesel fuel; distribution systems supporting the mining process would have to change too. The intern will draw upon the mining expertise at MIRARCO and work with the Dearman Engine Company and Air Products Inc, to develop deeper understanding of the infrastructure required for large scale use of refrigerating cryogens underground and how the logistical arrangements may affect the safety and productivity of mining systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dean Millar


Justin Sivret


Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research




Mining and quarrying


Laurentian University



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