CryoVent – Low or zero carbon cryogenic ventilation for deep mines

The main purpose of this research project is to integrate wind power with cryogen production, which could be one of the most low-carbon and economic methods to generate and store energy. As it can be transported and stored relatively easily, the cryogen becomes an energy vector, like a fuel, that can be used to transport energy from one place to another. The major motivation for the development of this concept comes from the need for high volumes of cold ventilating air for deep mines. Liquefied air mixed with ambient bulk mine ventilation air (autocompressed and geothermally heated) would cause the liquid air to evaporate and the ventilation air to cool and both components to end up in the same state, with unchanged chemistry. The ‘coolant’ is non-toxic, and direct contact evaporative heat exchange, with no need for component separation post contact is the most effective method of heat transfer. The techno-economic analysis of the CryoVent concept would be the major benefit to the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dean Millar


Saruna Kunwar


Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research




Mining and quarrying


Laurentian University



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