Crystallization and mechanism of action studies of antibody NB0940 binding to Poliovirus receptor

Significant advances in technologies related to antibody discovery and development have allowed therapeutic antibodies to become the fastest growing class of biopharmaceuticals over the last 20 years. Northern Biologics is a biotechnology company that seeks to develop therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer and fibrosis. Together with Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien at SickKids (University of Toronto), the intern will work with Northern Biologics to develop and characterize antibodies against cellular receptors that show aberrant signaling in several diseases including cancer. Integrative structural biology and biophysical technologies will be used to inform lead selection with the goal of progressing therapeutic candidates for clinical trials.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Philippe Julien


Swetha Raman


Northern Biologics


Microbiology / Immunology


Life sciences




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