CT Image Optimization and Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies


Advances in computed tomography (CT) have facilitated wider utilization and introduction of new clinical applications associated with high patient radiation dose. Subsequently, there is increasing concern for the potential long term cancer induction risks associated with increasing CT utilization bparticularly in younger women. Therefore, there is an urgent requirement to establish diagnostic CT protocols using lower radiation doses. Toshiba Medical Systems is a leader in CT technology and a research partner with the Department of Medical Imaging at Toronto General Hospital. Specifically, Dr Paul has been in close research collaboration with Toshiba scientists to evaluate and publish thresholds of patient radiation dose for standard, low and ultralow dose cardiothoracic CT. These novel approaches use advanced post processing techniques developed by Toshiba scientists and tested on Toshiba 64- and 320 Multi-Detector CT units. I will join this collaborative team and further investigate image optimization and radiation dose reduction strategies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Narinder Paul


Sayed Masoud Hashemi Amroabadi


Toshiba Medical Systems




Medical devices


University of Toronto



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