Cultivating Ethos in the Tech Sector

The rapid development of technology and its ubiquitous integration with modern society has clarified for business and technology leaders the need for ethical conversations about the role technology can and should play in our lives. By interviewing primary stakeholders in the technology sector and putting their ideas in conversation with literature about the role of ethics in tech, this project will foster a critical dialogue between businesses, governments and users to overcome the ethical challenges posed by technological innovation. This research will inform the design of an interview protocol that will be conducted with chief technology and infrastructure officers at tech companies across North America. This will help inform knowledge exchange workshops conducted with tech companies at the Critical Media Lab, located at the Communitech Hub in downtown Kitchener, focusing on ethics, inclusion, and equity in the technology sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcel O’Gorman


Jason Lajoie




Languages and linguistics


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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