Cultural Identity through the Urban and Architectural Space in Mexico City: The Case of La Villa de Guadalupe

Located in Mexico City, La Villa de Guadalupe is very important place for Mexicans and it is the shrine where the original painting of Virgin of Guadalupe is preserved. She appeared to a native Mexican, Juan Diego in 1531. Both, the sacred place and the Virgin are considered the most important icons for the Mexican culture and they represent the unification between the native’s culture and Spanish culture. Over centuries the urban-architectural space at La Villa has transformed radically affecting the cultural identity of its inhabitants. This thesis aims to study the complex urban-architectural space at La Villa de Guadalupe and analyze its effects in
shaping the Mexican cultural identity, particularly from 1976 to 2014. I am expecting to publish some articles as well as generate international collaboration and new debate with other scholars in order to better understand the relationship between cultural-identity and the urbanarchitectural space in La Villa de Guadalupe.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alena Robin


Mohammed (Jamil) Afana



Languages and linguistics



Western University



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