Cyanide-Free Leaching of Gold Using Iodine/Iodide based lixivinat

Iberian Minerals is a junior mining company, based in Canada. The Company recently acquired Mineworx Technologies, based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is now focused on various mining technologies. One such technology we are developing is an eco-friendly, non-cyanide based leach extraction for gold processing utilizing iodine as a complexing agent. The research and development undertaken will study the feasibility of a new approach to a sustainable process in gold mining, which will see an immediate positive ecological impact on pollution through the non-use of highly toxic cyanide. Our research will additionally investigate faster gold leaching reactions capable of facilitating high metal recovery rates, which is important to the industry. Iberian Minerals are striving to commercially develop an eco-friendly lixiviant that is at least comparable or lower in cost to cyanide leaching while realizing economically equal or better recovery rates in the processing of gold for worldwide application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marcello Veiga


Hanif Jafari


Iberian Minerals Ltd




Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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