cyberSKA II: Scientific test and verification of multi-node distributed infrastructure for data-intensive radio astronomy

The work to be undertaken by the intern with Rackforce builds on a successful NSERC engage grant to develop a distributed cyberinfrastructure system linking the University of Calgary with the Rackforce data centre in Kelowna. This system will demonstrate reliable leading-edge infrastructure for distributed multi-user collaboration for advanced scientific data processing. The planned work consists of processing, visualization and analytics of very large radio astronomy data sets, leading to the full-scale Square Kilometer Array (SKA). The intern is currently processing and analyzing data in Calgary from the GALFACTS project, to explore the origin and evolution of cosmic magnetism. This project involves over 40 scientists in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, and India. The intern will research, develop and implement the new installation at Rackforce and integrate this with the GALFACTS processing and analytics at the University of Calgary. This will take place through debugging, testing, verifying and demonstrating the new multi-node system for global collaboration. The work will produce the essential end-to-end testing, verification and demonstration of the multi-node system with the new Rackforce analytics and storage capacities supporting the global SKA project.

By working with Rackforce, the intern will gain valuable experience in a real-world, business-oriented environment, acquire highly marketable workplace skills and knowledge, and also move to completion of his Ph.D. The industry partner will gain exposure to and valuable experience with the research and development capabilities of the Cyber-SKA project at the University of Calgary. This will build essential links for future collaborations. The problem faced by Rackforce of figuring out how to be better equipped to deal with emerging “very large data” market needs and demands will be addressed. The university-based research and development program will create a demonstrably successful, leading-edge network node that has never been built before. This will play a very important feasibility demonstration role to support the very long-term, global SKA project. The internship is the key to unlocking, aligning and moving forward significant benefits for all parties in this global project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew Russell Taylor


Sukhpreet Guram


RackForce Networks Inc.


Physics / Astronomy


Information and communications technologies


University of Calgary



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