Cytokinin based yield potential in soybean

This research offers the potential of greater legume crop yields through the identification of key growth signaling metabolites and their future use in plant breeding programs. Recent discoveries suggest that there is a major role for cytokinins, a group of growth hormones, in the yield of rice and possibly other plants, such as legumes. To investigate the impact on soybean, a legume of particular economic significance to Canada, and the main product of the sponsoring company, Hendrick Seeds, we will complete comprehensive analyses of seed cytokinins and their accumulation in seeds during development. This will identify important aspects of growth regulating compounds in soybean. It is expected that this may lead to a breeding program for high yielding seeds that Hendrick Seeds will be able to implement in their operations. Overall, this research could result in greater yields in all legumes and, ultimately, high protein yielding crops, more efficient land resource use, and domestic and international market expansion.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. RJ Neil Emery


Leonid Kurepin


Hendrick Seeds Corporation






Trent University



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