Daily Question Assessment Methodology: The Development and Validation of Industrial-Organizational Constructs and Methodologies for Business Intelligence Application

Many well-constructed, validated survey instruments in the field of industrial/organizational psychology are lengthy and complex to score and interpret. This is a significant issue as the intent of developing survey instruments is for their translation into industry practice. Short form survey instruments are becoming an increasingly common alternative for collecting data (Fisher, Matthews, & Gibbons, 2015). The objective of this research project is to create efficient survey instruments and methodologies. This involves developing and validating several short-form survey instruments and assessing the psychometric properties of the new one-question-a-day methodology. The proposed methodology involves two major steps: (1) collecting multiple data samples to test full, short and single-item versions of survey instruments and (2) testing the psychometric properties of the short-form instruments and one-question-a-day data collection methodology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Fleming


Dylan Powell George Smibert;Brianna Cregan


Data Simple Ltd.




Professional, scientific and technical services


Saint Mary's University


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