Data Ethics & Privacy by Design: Unlocking Health Innovation

Healthcare innovation is a major focus across Canada and the globe. It can be defined as, “activities that generate value in terms of quality and safety of care, administrative efficiency, the patient experience, and patient outcomes. Efforts are underway to transform health care by leveraging technology and data so that Canadian provinces and territories promote efficient use of limited resources and blaze the trail for new medical treatments and services. This shift has resulted in exciting innovations and the emergence of numerous health-related commercial companies and start-ups across Canada.
Additionally, big data demands, as well as the increasing commoditization and economic value attributed to health and health data is on an upward trajectory with no indication that it will slow down or decrease.
The commercialization benefits of data have pushed privacy boundaries and tested consumer trust at new heights, both within Canadian healthcare and elsewhere in the world.
This proposal addresses the need to implement ethics and privacy design to unlock health innovation. Privacy and data ethics will be explored and will include ethical approaches for health innovation by exploring a big data, commercialization, artificial intelligence & emerging devices and technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tom Cooper


Angela Power






Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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